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Mike Tomlin’s Steelers: Will They Achieve the Status of an NFL Dynasty?

Article By on 30th June, 2009

... with its voluminous leaves has begun to shed.  

Handfuls of yellow foliage flutter down with each passing breeze.

It doesn't feel like the Summer has gone that fast.  

I've yet to make my July trip to Kennywood Park.  I haven't been there since I rode the Jackrabbit when I was dragged to Polish day as a lanky eight-year-old.  

It will be great to see some family that I haven't seen in years.

A few more leaves drop and I start to forget about July.  I have the urge to find my iPod and put on some Sam Spence as the Monday Night Football Fanfare quietly slips into my mind.

Just under seven weeks until I experience my favorite reason to head to Pittsburgh, to watch the Steelers.

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