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Mike McCarthy’s “No Tweet” Rule Is Great For Packers

Article By on 3rd August, 2009

... Mike McCarthy is placing a "ban" on Tweeting from the players.

For those of you who have not lost your mind and/or still have a sense of pride and honor, Twitter is the massive online "social networking system." The user can post a small text of 140 characters or less, and the whole world can see it.

That is the official definition of Twitter. My own definition is quite different: in my opinion, Twitter is the first horseman of the apocalypse. Alas, I digress...

Mike McCarthy has declared that any Packers player caught tweeting will receive the maximum fine allowed by the NFL from McCarthy. I am a huge fan of this new rule. My hate for Twitter aside, this is a move that will keep the locker room from turning into an internet c...

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