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Memo to Minnesota Vikings from a Chicago Bears Fan: SIGN Brett Favre

Article By on 19th June, 2009

... wearing No. 4 back to the NFC North. Sign him to a one year, or better yet, a two year deal. Pay him millions and millions of dollars.

Get your fans all excited because you finally, after years of toiling in the post-Culpepper era, have a "proven" quarterback.

Say goodbye to the likes of Tarvaris Jackson, John David Booty or Sage Rosenfels as your starter.

Let the blogs explode, give John Clayton, Len Pasquarelli, and every single ESPN anchor something to drool over for the next three months.

But most importantly, bring back an over-the-hill, stubborn, gun-slinging, hot shot quarterback to try and "lead" you to the Super Bowl.

I know the arguments...

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