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Matt Millen Has No Right to Play Victim

Article By on 18th June, 2009

... was all for forgetting about what he did to the Detroit Lions from 2000 to 2009.

I was ready to forget his 31-97 record.

I was ready to forget the bad draft picks which included Charles Rogers, Mike Williams and Joey Harrington.

I was ready to forget the hirings of Mornhinwheg, Marriucci, and Marinelli.

What drove me to write about Millen again was the article in The Detroit Free Press:  "Millen Plays Victim: I Was To Blame For the Auto Industry and Housing Market"

With his usual flippant and dismissive style, Millen still takes no responsibility to what he did during his eight years as President/General Manager of the Detroit Lions.

Here is a quote from an interview with Don Banks of si....

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