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Leaving B/R: Andy Auger’s Antics Killed Me

Article By on 27th June, 2009

... I am not switching sports to the Mariners, Sounders, WWE, NBA or anything else, I am leaving bleacher report.

One of the bleacher report "writers," Andy Auger, basically killed me on bleacher report. In that he was non-stop pestering me, along with many other fellow bleacher report writers.

He had/has no respect for anyone and consistently proves his immaturity across the board.

He has bad mouthed all of bleacher report's editors in saying that they have no clue how to edit and are completely worthless.

Here is a link to a forum that further displays his immaturity, arrogant attitude, disrespect, and it shows what I have had to go through in my time since Andy showed up on bleacher report.

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