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Kosar Suggested Lerner Hire Belichick to Coach the Browns in 1998

Article By on 20th June, 2009

... Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar filing bankruptcy, there is another little piece of information abound throughout the grapevine that is very interesting and intriguing.

That little piece of news is that Kosar approached the new Browns front office, before their re-introduction back into the NFL in 1999, and recommended that Bill Belichick be hired as head coach of the new Browns in 1998.


First of all, this comes as a shock, because Kosar was recommending the guy who not only benched him, but also cut him back in 1993, when Belichick was the head coach of the Browns.

Obviously, Kosar had deep respect for Belichick despite being benched and cut by him, otherwise you just don't go and endorse a guy who pretty...

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