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Jason Garrett Still Looks Like Dallas Cowboys’ One-Trick Pony

Article By on 1st October, 2009

... been interesting to see the Cowboys lose on Monday night.

True, the devastating explosion of rage that would have emanated from my apartment with more force than the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki might have obstructed any sick sense of interest I might have had in watching Jerry Jones behead his coaching staff like a French Revolution-era executioner.  Literally.  While broadcasting it live on the jumbo-est of Jumbotrons.  While wearing cowboy boots.

But after THE most discouraging and uninspired half of football (out of the eight) ever played in Cowboys Stadium (take that corporate sponsorship), all it took was a reportedly legendary halftime diatribe by Wade Phillips to lead the Cowboys to 21 unanswered second half points and...

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