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Is the Denver Locker Room Already Lost?

Article By on 21st June, 2009

... for a coach they either don't
trust, don't like, or any combination of the two: Would you play for Josh McDaniels?

I don't mean would you suit up and do your job, but would you be willing to walk
through the fires of hell for him?

The wording's a bit overdramatic, maybe, but with the current situation in Denver, and this new-found attitude in the organization, I can't help but wonder if he hasn't lost the locker room two months before coaching his first game.
Is it entirely his fault? No. However, it does seem that he has owner Bowlen's ear and wallet, and Pat seems to be alright with that. The Cutler debacle aside (I mean, we all know how badly and amateurish he was in handling the Prima Don...

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