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Is Favre a Latter-Day Narcissus?

Article By on 17th July, 2009

... shape in the United States of America.

His art is a unique throwing motion; his canvas is a 120-yard field.

His goal, the end zone.

This multiple record-holding quarterback is a true mythological figure-in-the-making.

His name is Brett Favre, a three-time AP NFL MVP.

His single Super Bowl victory—pedestrian when compared to Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Tom Brady and Terry Bradshaw—and legendary statistics have been enhanced by his toughness, grit and longevity.

But, this hero has a fly in his ointment, and that is something he just cannot shake: A Super Bowl loss that just shouldn't' have been.

Oh, how the football gods torture him.

Thus, this 10-time Pro Bowler seeks in va...

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