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How Necessary is the Third QB for the New York Giants?

Article By on 26th June, 2009

... as the Giants do, every roster spot is important.  With that thought in mind, the Giants elected to keep only two QBs active last season.  Both Eli Manning and David Carr have shown to be extremely tough and durable QBs in their careers and the Giants decided not to keep a third guy.

Most pundits across the media would look at this type of move as "risky," but why?  Is it because something like this is rarely done so it must be a risk?  Looking at the stats what the Giants did wasn't risky at all, it was logical.

If the Giants were to do the same thing this season, they would stash their third QB on the practice squad just like last season.  The "risk" here is that another team could pluck that player and leave...

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