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Five More Things I Hate About You: B/R Bash ’09 Continues (Satire)

Article By on 18th July, 2009

... had cropped in on the "EYE" (as in cbs IS WATCHING US. WAKE THE HELL UP.) and the cbs for the people thinking, reinforcing the fact that cbs owns bleacher report. All that was left on the picture was a pair of mouths and suits. I was going to do a little quiz on whose mouths those were. Anyone who answered correctly would have been privy to an advanced copy of my conspiracy theory before it drops on B/R. You heard it hear first y'all! But only if you could have answered this question. "Whose two mouths appear in the picture above?" The answer, obviously, would have been Jim Nantz and Roy Williams. I was all set to give away a prize too. But you can't crop photos on slideshows. Not in a manner that I'm aware of, anyway. Hmm, let's make that...

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