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Finding the 49ers: How Much Room Is There for Improvement in San Francisco?

Article By on 2nd July, 2009

... Quarterback that I am, trying to see just what our shortcomings were during the 2008 season.  As I poured through the numbers, one thing became apparent to me...The 49ers weren't very good in almost every all.

An obvious statement. Anyone who followed the team, even from a "highlight-reel" perspective, would agree with this.  However to this author, when looking deeper, we see that there are a few key underlying causes.

Now if you've already been through this exercise, now would be the time to duck out the back exit.  If you haven't looked much deeper than SportsCenter or watching the games though, the following just might give you an insight into why the 49ers didn't win a lot of games last...

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