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Every NFL Team Has Announced a Sponsorship (Satire)

Article By on 22nd June, 2009

... their partnership with Timex. Timex will give them money for a practice facility and the Giants will put a patch on their practice jerseys.

This got me thinking...what if every NFL team had a sponsor? Here are my suggestions for all the teams' sponsors.


Detroit Lions: Netzero because they net zero wins.

Green Bay Packers: Swiss Army so they can stab their players in the back with a knife (ala Brett Favre).

Minnesota Vikings: Allstate, because you're in good hands on a cruise ship with the Vikings.

Chicago Bears: Sylvania Light Bulbs, when they're on, they're on; when they're off, they're off.

Philadelphia Eagles: Gas X. sometimes the pressure is too much.

Dallas Cowboys: Mattel Barb...

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