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Don’t Trip Kirk Morrison, I Got Your Back Dog, I Know What Time It Is

Article By on 12th July, 2009

... comes to Kirk Morrison.

Look at the picture, he is leading, he is our captain.

It makes me sick coming onto Bleacher Report seeing people trying to make the case that Kirk Morrison is soft, weak, and overrated.

Yes, I understand that he hasn't been awarded the honor of being selected to the AFC Pro Bowl roster, and the fact he isn't a household name.

There are many things in which Kirk Morrison isn't, but what he is, he's an Oakland Raider to the fullest.

The fact that he was born and raised in Oakland, Calif., puts him high on my list of current day favorite Raiders players.

If anyone knows the struggle and what it takes to succeed in the NFL it is none other than Kirk Morrison.

It's rare t...

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