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Don’t Be a Sucker: The Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends For 2009

Article By on 18th July, 2009

... Tenn., I saw the sign and had to investigate.

A large painting of a giant chicken with fangs poking out of its beak accompanied some text. In big, blocky bold letters, it read: COME SEE THE MAN-EATING CHICKEN!!

Not being in an oppositional defiant mood that day, I obliged.

Sure enough, peeking into the window, I saw it … and was instantly mad at myself. I had fallen for the play on words. I was a sucker.

In the room was an obese dude gnawing on a chicken leg. He was a man eating chicken. Hardy stinkin’ har.

Many businesses stake their marketing dollars in tabloid-esque catchphrases. The idea is to catch us off guard … to break the norm and make us believe they know what they’re talking ab...

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