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Dirty Bird Flies Again: Why the Falcons Are Here To Stay

Article By on 29th June, 2009

... Falcons Fans: last season was not a fluke!

The Atlanta Falcons have emerged from the depths of the NFL to be not only a team on the rise, but a team here to stay.

Two years ago, all was doom and gloom for the Atlanta Falcons. Their Franchise quarterback, the one who they spent all their money on, the one they pretty much gave a key to the city to, the one who was here to lead the Falcons to glory, got arrested because he was spending his ridiculously high salary to fund a dog-fighting program.

Classy guy, right?

As if those hints wouldn't give that away to the entire country, Michael Vick was gone and his era was over here in Atlanta (thankfully).

After a season where we lost Vick, we lost our ...

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