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Did Spygate Really Give the Patriots an Advantage?

Article By on 1st July, 2009

... David Klingler, stating that the Patriots are the team of the decade, regardless of what happens this year.  In the comments, once again, the Patriots and Steelers fans are debating on who it really is.

Steelers fans claim that because of spygate, the Patriots don't deserve it.

Patriots fans are quick to dismiss any notion of this because spygate was not really important.  As Patriots fans say, "every team" does it.

What the real question is, to me at least, did spygate really give the Patriots an unfair advantage?

Lets actually look at a couple of games and decide if spygate should even be talked about any more.

In 2001, the Patriots were coming off a fifth place finish in the AFC East.  T...

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