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Detroit Lions Fans, It’s Time To Move on from Matt Millen

Article By on 19th June, 2009

... can you, and I don’t guess your bitterness will be swayed so easily, but this is something that needs to be said.

Matt Millen, for all his shortcomings, for all the damage he did to the Detroit Lions franchise, for all of his stubborn press conferences and personnel decisions, still deserves a pass.

You heard me right.

I think. I’m still not sure I’m actually saying this, but I’m letting it ride.

I’ve been inspired to come to Millen’s defense because of all the backlash he has gotten from Lions fans since starting his recent TV gigs on NFL Network and NBC.

At one time, I would have joined right in, jeering him along with the rest of you. That time was not so long ago ...

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