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Dear Brett Favre: Throw in the Towel Already

Article By on 23rd June, 2009

... tired of hearing about Brett Favre working out at the local high school in Mississippi.

Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packer, not now, but for life.

I remember sitting on the couch watching my dad (and my) favorite coach Bill Parcells have no answer for No. four in the green jersey during Super Bowl XXXI.

His second pass of that same game went for a 54-yard touchdown to Andre Rison. Not to mention his 81-yard completion to Antonio Freeman in the second quarter.

Not only could Favre "sling it," he used his wheels too. Yes, a measly twelve yards, but he also scored a touchdown with his legs. Plain and simple, he could do it all!

Now, Favre's highlight real consists of his cut-off sleeved shirts, rolling out of the poc...

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