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Could the Chicago Bears Add Matt Jones to Their WR Corps?

Article By on 18th July, 2009

... but the only real weakness I see is the lack a player of real height amongst the guys. Of those likely to make the roster the tallest is Iglesias who tops out at 6'1".

We've been mentioned with the likes of Plaxico Burress or Brandon Marshall but another option which doesn't seem to have been considered is Matt Jones, formerly of the Jaguars.

All three have had their run ins with the law, but reading more about Jones, is it a case of "bad boy" or "bad judgement?"

Marshall seems to think its ok to beat on his girlfriend/wife when the mood takes him while bitching about his contract, while Burress has a tendency to shoot himself in the foot, literally.

As for Jones, there is the drugs issue. He was arrested in a car wh...

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