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Come To Think of It: Is a “No Chicago Bears Sunday” Now a Welcome Respite?

Article By on 15th November, 2009

... just ruined my day. I mean, the ritual of gathering around the television on Sunday is ingrained in my DNA. But now, I'll admit that I really dont' miss them all that much.

Sure, I watched on Thursday night. And yes, we've always had the occasional Sunday or Monday night game, so this is nothing new.

And yes, there was a period of time after Da Coach left that I became disillusioned with the team. The Wanny and Jauron years, for the most part, were brutal.

Yet, in the past, it seemed there was always a reason to watch even if the team wasn't that good. Primarily, our defense. But the way this team plays defense, and that damn Tampa-2 (which has outlived its useful life), it's just not that fun anymore.

And let's face i...

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