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Calling All the Shots: Tom Cable’s First Year in Oakland

Article By on 28th June, 2009

... taking a backseat on this one. I personally believe he sees the positives in Tom Cable's work ethic, his demeanor and his passion for the organization. There is no doubt what-so-ever, that DHB is a straight up grade "A" Al Davis draft pick. After him, however, it seems the rest of the draft belonged to Tom Cable and his staff. In fact, if I was a betting man, I would put money on the concept that Tom and his staff went out and found Al height, wieght, speed criteria type players who also had heart, character, and strong work ethics. It seems as though Al has been absent from most of the mini-camp and OTA activities. If I'm not mistaken he's been seen at only one. All the signings and the releases this year seem to have Tom's spin on them to...

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