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Black and Gold X’s and O’s | Identifying Concepts: The Swing Screen

Article By on 22nd June, 2009

... a week regarding different concepts the Saints will use either on offense or in defensive packages in 2009.

Today's version talks about the intricacies of the Swing Screen.

If you hear Jim Henderson yell something to the extent of "He's at the 10, the five, touchdown Saints, Reggie Bush!", there's a fair chance that such a call came is a result of Bush catching the ball in space with a lead blocker in front of him.

I say that because, through three full seasons in the NFL, about a quarter of Reggie's touchdowns or big plays have come off the swing screen.

It is such a great play for a number of reasons.

One of the most important of these is simply the concept of putting the ball in the hands of your most explosiv...

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