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Are There Really 32 Quarterbacks Better Than Michael Vick?

Article By on 11th August, 2009

... I get a text from one of my best friends, Todd.
"How is it possible that Vick won't land with a team?"
And I honestly had no answer. It's hard for me think that there are 32 quarterbacks in the NFL who are better than Michael Vick. 10? Maybe. But 32? Better yet, 32 backups? Really?

Try telling me that the Vikings, Texans and 49ers are pretty solid at the quarterback position, and do it while keeping a straight face. The Chiefs? What about the Jets?

Sure Chad Pennington just played an entire season with the Dolphins but lets not forget about the emergence of the “Wildcat” formation and that Pennington was actually splitting time with Ronnie Brown at QB. So are we saying they’...

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