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A Message to New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins Fans

Article By on 7th July, 2009

... No other fans live in the past more than these frauds. 

When I go to the gas pump I'm paying the price right now, not what it was two years ago. 

Get over yourselves.  We're talking about this upcoming year.  The only thing anyone has to go on is last season and the offseason. 

So let's start with last season. 

The Eagles beat the Gnats two out of three times and split with the Girlyboys (but what happened when it mattered?  The '89 Cowboys would've put up a better test). 

The down side is that the Eagles got swept by the most insignificant team in the NFL. But, as I said they are insignificant and pose no real threat at all. 

Now to the offsea...

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