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“You Can’t Spell Citrus Without UT…”

Article By on 22nd June, 2009

... clear as if he said them yesterday. These are words that reverberate through my mind and crawl through my skin every time Tennessee finishes with another sub-par, or even worse, year.

I suppose if the sentence itself didn't have any elements of truth to it, now days it wouldn't sting so badly, but it still remains a classless thing to say, regardless.

But hey, what's that old adage? What goes around comes around. Better yet, I like the modern day one...Karma's a bitch.

Hey Georgia fans, how about "Is Ray Goff still the head coach there?" or "Ray Goof."

Florida State fans "Free Shoes University." Auburn fans (in reference to a dorm fire that burned 20 books) "but the real tragedy was that fifteen hadn't be...

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