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Why the Alabama vs. Utah Outcome Could Be the Best Thing for the Tide

Article By on 21st July, 2009

... game. You can make almost any euphemism and it might fit—Utah wanted it more, 'Bama was outcoached—or make up your own.

Alabama's first half was an embarassment to the team, the fans, and the coaches.

For the fans, they will soon start getting over it as the Tide pounces on opponents early this season, provided they get by the daunting first game they must play.

For the fans there was only lesson to be learned: Don't be smug against a team that has this much potential.

For the coaches, it was a lesson in humility. They prepared for a team that was 60 percent passing and 40 percent running. 

Utah passed for the first 30 plays of the game and before Alabama could adjust, had all but sealed the gam...

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