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Why No One Is Listening To Orrin Hatch And The MWC: The Legal Argument

Article By on 11th July, 2009

... crusade against the BCS in the name of the Utah Utes, ahem I mean uh, college football fans, in the last few days with his latest senate hearing.

However, considering no other senators bothered to come (the chair started the meeting, then left) don't expect anything to drastically change soon.

Some might say the other senators probably had better things to do, like try and fix the economy, or our schools, or our debt or... you get the picture.

The reality is they stayed away for a much better reason; there is no legal argument to change the BCS. If there was, the MWC and WAC would have already teamed up and sued the crap out of the BCS. There's a little problem though. OK, a big problem.

In 1984 the NCAA tried to gain co...

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