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Why America Loves to Hate Jim Tressel and Ohio State

Article By on 5th July, 2009

... to hate Ohio State Football.

Why it's as American as apple pie.

The Buckeyes are nothing but pretenders, sheep in wolves clothing.  Heck, the only reason they keep finding themselves in the big games is their weak schedule against the Big Ten right?

America's cinderella story in 2002 has now become one of its most despised programs. 

And then there's Head Coach Jim Tressel. The Vest. Can there be anything more satisfying than watching his perplexed look as another "real" program puts a hurting on his Buckeyes?

So why the hate? Well its obvious, the country has grown tired of spending their holidays watching the Buckeyes get thrashed by the SEC and Big 12.

Ohio State is a pathetic 4-7 since 2005 i...

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