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Thursday’s Thoughts of Football in The SEC

Article By on 30th June, 2009

... but of all the ones I do, it seems old Yeller Feller is tossing his cash toward that school.  Now it may be savvy marketing and I'm sure he's hitting a large male audience, but he's about the biggest Auburn booster this side of Bobby Lowder.

So I wonder if it sticks in his craw when he must know most of his sponsorship dollars are going straight in Nick Saban's pockets as well as the other coaches.  These shows are big cash generators for the coaches you know.

Heck, he even films a lot of commercials with them, or did, until his cowboy fantasy took over.

We know his sponsorship gets him the 'private' numbers of the coaches because his late night call to Houston Nutt gave Tuberville the last laugh in his firi...

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