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The Search For Running Back U: Part 1 – The Big 3 (Auburn, Miami, USC)

Article By on 17th July, 2009

... U. Running Back U is the school that produces the best RBs and knows how to use them.

These three schools all claim the title of Running Back U. Which school, if any, deserves it? 

Do they really have the right to claim the title?

Historically, these three schools would, without debate, be the top three running programs of all time. But what about this millennium? Who cares about something that happened in the 1900s? How does that make you a better team in the 2000s?

If you claim something, make sure you still have the right to claim it.

To keep it recent, I will only use the 2000-2008 football seasons, and this includes bowl games.

I will start by comparing the team statistics in the 20...

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