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Rumor Mill: MWC To Expand to 12, Receive Auto Bid

Article By on 12th November, 2009

... that the MWC has invited Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada to join the nine team MWC.

I will reiterate: it's just a rumor. But given the growing number of rumblings, and the pragmatism surrounding this concept, it seems to have legs. At least at face value.

The only, I repeat, THE only reason the MWC would ever expand is if it somehow guaranteed an automatic seat at the BCS table.

So if there any truth to this rumor, it is fair to assume that an offer has been extended.

At a cursory glance, this makes sense. I've thought all along the BCS would never allow the MWC in as they were and without a conference championship game.

ESPN itself, the network who covers the BCS Bowl games and who dominates college footbal...

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