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Rejected Again! Time for the MWC to Make the Case on the Field

Article By on 26th June, 2009

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After the BCS served the MWC yet another rejection last week, it is now time for the MWC to move on. Forget Orrin Hatch, slick attorneys, long-winded PowerPoints and frequent flyer's miles to Washington, and get your helmets back on. It's 2009 now and time to go back to the field to make your case. 
What exactly is the Mountain West looking for? Attention? Respect? Inclusion? BCS money? A shot at the National Championship? Whatever it is they are seeking, it will be theirs for the taking in 2009.
For the first time ever, nothing is off the table for this non-BCS conference. All they have to do is win. Earn it on the field. It's that simple.
One of the bigg...

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