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Pac-10 vs. SEC : Why the Pac-10 Deserves More Respect

Article By on 17th November, 2009

... flood the boards below this article, read my disclaimer:

I am not trying to present one solution for all time. I am not trying to say that the Pac-10 is the greatest conference ever, and year after year.

This diatribe could be about the historical merits of each conference, and how the modern Pac-10 (since 1998) is 11-8 against the SEC. Or perhaps, how the SEC’s supposed “bowl dominance” leaves them tied with the Pac-10 in all-time bowls.

But for this commentary, let’s flip the bird to history, and look at the here and now.

Because here—and now—the Pac-10 is light-years ahead of the SEC.

Here and now, three out of six BCS computer rankings have the Pac-10 at No. 1.

“But wait,” the de...

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