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Notre Dame and Rock and Roll: 7 Lessons from Rock Bands

Article By on 5th July, 2009

... much a sporting event resembles a rock show. There's lots of noise, an incredible amount of fuss and hype. Fans have favorite performers. There's drama, ebb and flow, showmanship, and emotion poured out in front of thousands. All in a giant concrete arena. It goes without saying that some music groups and sports teams are more important and popular than others. One of the most popular teams in the history of sports media is the University of Notre Dame's football team. And, in some ways, the Fighting Irish's story is as dramatic and flashy as some great rock and roll bands' are: there are burnouts and comebacks, high points and low points, plus a certain pride and mythos. I think there is something to be learned from these parallels. In this art...

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