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ND Vs Nevada: A Heisman Campaign Is Born

Article By on 18th July, 2009

... may have noticed wide ranging "opinions" voiced by different "college football analysts" about Notre Dame.  

The worldwide leader in hedged bets, I told you sos, kicking ND when they're down, and fellating them when they're up, has been setting ND up as either a Cinderella story, or a huge dissapointment that they couldn't help but see coming.  

The reality is, no one knows exactly what kind of team ND will be this year. No other team in the nation could go so far in either direction.  What is certain, is that 12-0, or 6-6, ESPN will be there profit from their brilliant prognostications.  

Thanks to the eternal battle between the two races of people in the world, those who love ND, and those who hate ND...

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