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Let’s Mend That Broken Record…Kif, Kiff, Kiffin.

Article By on 23rd June, 2009

... so frequently play LP and get it spinning again...the remix!

OK, so maybe it's not a remix per say, but I have yet to write a piece on the "new mouth of the South", and I have had a yearning to put my own spin on it.

I have read too many negative articles, comments, blogs, and you name it putting the man with a plan in the category of tyrant.

So maybe he isn't gun shy, or modest, or quiet, or any other nouns, verbs, adjectives, or creative criticisms you all have so felt inclined to voice your opinion on. But I will tell you that whatever he is (according to you ), he is a winner in the sense in the word.

Wait before you post your angry comments in reply to that last statement please. I did say in the sense of the word...

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