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Heartbroken Notre Dame: Coach Charlie Weis to Blame?

Article By on 15th November, 2009

... call this a disappointing season is perhaps the most banal understatement you could come up with. So how does this Fighting Irishman feel about the state of  the program that he loves so much? Anger. Disgust. Bewilderment. Fed-up. But most of all, heartbroken.

It's over, Coach Weis.

You began this season with not one, but two legitimate Heisman Trophy candidates (It might have been three if Michael Floyd hadn't gone down). You have a top-three offense. Truly explosive. Over the last four years, to your credit, you have out recruited the entire nation.

It's true, you inherited a ticking time bomb from Willingham, and that earned you patience from both the fanbase and the administration. But those guys are al...

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