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Can a Gator Support a Bulldog? Another Reason to Hate the BCS

Article By on 20th July, 2009

... Or a Michigan alum support the Buckeyes? Or a Red Raider support the Sooners? 

It seems so odd, but I run into this every single day talking college football.

An Auburn grad should not wish for good things for the Crimson Tide.  But it happens all the time.

People use their arguments to say "my conference did this" or "my conference did that".  So what? What did your team do? And you are supporting your arch-rival because of your conference?!

It is this very attitude that makes me sick, sick to death of the BCS. 

Under the current system, it matters what a team's conference competitors do.  Since we do not get to settle the national championship on the field in a playoff, all w...

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