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Boise State And Pete: In The Land Of Milk And Honey Moore Was Given

Article By on 20th June, 2009

... earth. God saw that this was good so he created hills upon the earth with lakes running through the lands and this was good, but only after God put fish in the lakes, that is.

God then placed all manner of animal--wolves dear fox and fowl--to walk with them, and the not so foul to soar above them all, and this was really good. But not totally awesome dude! There still was no one made as yet in his image.

But hey! God said let it be and it was, and the new creation was indeed in his image, God thought. Yep it was good. God called his creation Pete, and placed Pete in the midst of all that is good. A place others call paradise, but Pete called it Boise.

Pete knew that Boise had a dairy and there were many cows, so since he w...

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