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Are Tennessee Fans Too Lenient with Kiffin?

Article By on 18th June, 2009

... the SEC, and one of America's most prominent football programs, then I think that I would play it safe before my first real test by keeping a bit of a low profile. Obviously, Lane Kiffin and I don't think alike.

The antics of Mr. Kiffin include

  • Many recruiting violations
  • Calling out Florida for cheating they never committed
  • Telling a South Carolina recruit that if he attended USC he would end up pumping gas for a living
  • Antagonizing the family of a recruit that did not pick Tennessee
  • Using a fog machine...yes, a fog machine, to introduce a recruit
  • Many other things, some I'm not sure of the credibility of, so I won't include them, although they may be true

Now, let's ...

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