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College Football: This Week’s Predictions

Published on: 24th September, 2010

Alabama vs. Arkansas: Bama starts SEC play with a bang as they take on number 10 Arkansas.  Ryan Mallett is a heisman candidate and leads a very high powered passing offense.  The key to this game will be Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson.  Alabama has got to run the football and ...

Is This a Joke? News Reporter Claims Jets Sexually Harassed Her

Published on: 15th September, 2010

The Jets are in the middle of controversy, again.  This time they are the ones being investigated.  Apparently they made cat calls and sexually harassed a female sports reporter.  Now I want to make one thing clear before I go any further, and that is that what the Jets ...

A Look at The 2010 Nebraska Football Schedule

Published on: 20th August, 2010

Well the start of another season is at hand and hope springs eternal for all 119 division 1A teams because lets face it, on day one everyone is undefeated.  However I am not here to break down 119 teams and make 119 predictions.  I am hear to break down the ...

Wins Matter Most: Nebraska Football and the Meaning of Success

Published on: 4th July, 2010

The Nebraska football program couldn't be in better hands. Dr. Tom Osborne is the AD and Bo Pelini is the head coach. Nothing but prosperity and victory lies ahead for the Huskers. It's just like the good old days.  This article is not intended to adress the the Husker football program's current state of ...

USC Can Thank Nebraska for the Start and End of Its “Dynasty”

Published on: 27th May, 2010

Okay. First of all, I need to make it perfectly clear that I don't think USC is going to just tank and not win any games ever again. They are good and will be good for a long time. What I am here to tell you is that the firing of ...

Nebraska, Don’t Pack Your Bags for the Big Ten, for the Fans’ & Program’s Sake

Published on: 12th May, 2010

So rumors are flying all around college football and the questions is: Who will the Big Ten add so that they can have a championship game? Well, the other day ESPN announced that the Big Ten has released a report containing the names of four schools they covet. Those schools are ...

2010 Big 12 College Football Predictions: Nebraska Cornhuskers Will Triumph

Published on: 26th April, 2010

Here are my predictions for the outcome of the Big 12 conference in the 2010-2011 season. North: 1) Nebraska: As he hoisted the Holiday Bowl trophy at the end of last season Coach Bo Pelini said that Nebraska was back.  I believe that he is right and unless Nebraska loses games like ...

Nebraska Footall: Can the Huskers Contend for the 2010-11 National Title?

Published on: 2nd April, 2010

Last year, I posed this question—and people laughed at me.  They said that in no way could the Huskers win a national title—and yet, last year, they were simply an offense away from an undefeated season.  So this year, with the Huskers likely to be a preseason top 10—or at least ...

A Great Win For The Cornhuskers Should Do Nothing to Save Watson’s Job

Published on: 2nd January, 2010

All right I'll say it: Shawn Watson had a good game plan for the Holiday Bowl and he called an excellent ball game. Even Zac Lee looked like he was back on top like in the three Sun Belt games earlier in the year. Now that being said, this ...

USC “Dynasty” at an End as Sun Finally Sets on Trojans

Published on: 17th December, 2009

The storm clouds are gathering in Los Angeles as we approach bowl week. Pete Carroll has deemed the Emerald Bowl the biggest game for USC during the Carroll era. I have to agree. A loss here would cement the fall of the Trojans. Just like Miami, the deterioration of the Trojan "dynasty" has ...

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