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Bulldawg Nation: Lousy Fans Or Just Lousy People?

Published on: 22nd September, 2009

As a true fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, I am always trying to find the positive in every situation. I may come up with every excuse possible in order to disregard a problem. Unfortunately for Willie Martinez, my excuses ended on Saturday—get him out of Athens. After Joe Cox had a poor ...

Tim Tebow: A Born-Again Bulldog’s Perspective

Published on: 21st August, 2009

Growing up as a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, I have learned that there is no greater evil that the Florida Gators. As someone who has only been on this earth 18 years, I can only remember losing game after game at the hands of the hated Gators. The past three years, ...

The Georgia Bulldogs Have History at No. 13

Published on: 10th August, 2009

As all avid college football fans know, the USA Today Coaches Poll came out on friday. To my surprise, I found that the Georgia Bulldogs were ranked ahead of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at No. 13. As someone who loves to write about sports, numbers are very important to me. ...

Washaun Ealey: The Mystique of No. 24

Published on: 5th August, 2009

The University of Georgia’s freshman running back Washaun Ealey recently decided to wear the No. 24. It is the number left behind by Georgia’s star running back Knowshon Moreno. While a number is only number, I believe that (just like Herschel Walker did with the No. 34) Knowshon Moreno created an ...

SEC Predictions For 2009

Published on: 4th August, 2009

The SEC finished the 2008 season with a bang by going 6-2 in bowl games and winning its third consecutive national title. The 2009 season looks to be yet another successful year for the Southeastern Conference, with teams such as Ole Miss making their way into the spotlight, and 10 of ...

Something Special Is Brewing in Athens

Published on: 9th July, 2009

Call me an optimist, call me a dreamer, call me crazy but I've got a feeling about this upcoming season that I didn't even feel last year when I was convinced that the Bulldogs would be National Champions. I'm tired of all the negativity surrounding Georgia Football. I'm sick and tired ...

Has The Injury Bug Come Back to Georgia?

Published on: 9th July, 2009 recently announced that left guard Tanner Strickland will miss the 2009-10 football season with an injury to his right shoulder that occurred during offseason workouts. A redshirt sophomore, Strickland made appearances on special teams and as a backup lineman in 13 games last season. Strickland was the projected starter at left guard ...

Surviving the Football Off-season For Dummies

Published on: 1st July, 2009

As the clock slowly dwindles towards the first of kickoff of both the Collegiate and NFL seasons, us die-hard fans sit restlessly, keeping our eyes open for any piece of information concerning football. As I sat watching bowling on ESPN, I realized that other than Major League Baseball, sports in the ...

Step Aside, Willie: A New Coaching Problem Has Arrived in Georgia

Published on: 17th June, 2009

NOTE: This is NOT a bash on Coach Van Halanger! Some people seem to think that this theory is simply trying to point fingers. This is just a THEORY and nothing more. Go Dawgs! I was listening to a Georgia football podcast, and the hosts presented a very interesting issue among ...

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