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Will Michael Crabtree’s Holdout Validate Al Davis?

Article By on 31st July, 2009

... about Michael Crabtee's holdout.

Thank you, Al Davis, for the selection of Darrius Heyward-Bey.


After the NFL Draft, I had as many doubts about Heyward-Bey as most Raider fans.  However, I could honestly say that I had my doubts about Michael Crabtree's attitude as well, as did Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

Moreover, the Raiders had a situation too, which was they already had two superstar caliber players in JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden. The addition of Michael Crabree would have complicated the chemistry. 

Crabtree seems like Terrell Owens, and if Crabtree is like TO, I wouldn't want him to sabotage the quarterback (Russell).

After playing the ...

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