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Why Bill Belichik Made the Right Call Against the Indianapolis Colts

Article By on 16th November, 2009

... my favorite pastimes is to berate the Patriots.  I admittedly do so, because it is my only consolation as a Raider fan.  Logically, no amount of mud-slinging can take away from the fact that the Patriots win.

For years, Patriot fans ridiculed Raider fans and tried to diminish what the Raiders had achieved, so now we Raider fans get to do the same thing to you.

Problem for Patriot fans is their insecurity.  They feel personally attacked when I question the Patriots, because deep-down they to wonder about the  integrity of New England's success.

It is called: Just win, baby.  The Patriots have assumed the role that the Raiders once had, while in bit of role-reversal, the Raiders are now the bottom-dwellers, as the Patriots ...

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