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Union Kills Raiders’ Two OTA’S….too Rough?

Article By on 9th June, 2010

... time ago the league elected to kill two OTA practices, after it was deemed that they were "too rough".

Aw, I forgot....this isn't football anymore....this is patty-cake and we're supposed to be a kinder, softer team.

Yeah, and I'm a Bronco fan with an thing for Denver.

This is the same deal the Raiders got slapped with back in 2007, when an entire week was crashed, again by the Union, on the grounds that practices are too rough.

It's one thing if it's practice, but could you imagine the Union stopping a game, sending out some lawyer telling the coaches, "I'm sorry, but your team just broke two arms on the opponent's defensive line. We're going to penalize you 10 points and remove a quarter from the game".?

This is ...

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