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The Washington Redskins: The Myth, The Man, and The Monster

Article By on 14th August, 2009

... but most NFL fans do not agree.

Ask the average football fan their thoughts on the Washington Redskins and they will give responses such as  "they can't win with Jason Campbell", "they aren't good enough to win their tough division", or "they have a solid defense but lackluster offense."

Recently, I asked members at a popular NFL message board to predict the NFC East rankings in 2009. Of the 41 posters who responded, 34 of them had Washington ranked third or worse, with fourth being the most common.

I can understand why so many think the Redskins will be in the bottom half of the division this year. After all, it's arguably the toughest division in the league.  Dallas, Philly, and the New York Giants are all solid...

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