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The Easiest and Toughest 2009-10 Schedules For NFL Quarterbacks

Article By on 11th August, 2009

... understand that this is not an opinion article. I have deliberately kept any personal opinion from these results.

Rather, this article is entirely based on numbers. I realize that, because of this, it will not give the full picture. Statistics never can. So, take these results for what they are.

I tried to come up with the best way to represent which NFL Quarterbacks would be facing the easiest and toughest schedules for the 2009-10 season. This is what I came up with.

First, I calculated the average opponent QB rating for the 2008 season, for each team in the NFL. This should show how difficult or easy it is to perform as a quarterback against that team.

For example, the Baltimore Ravens had the lowest average opponent...

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