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Tecmo Super Bowl and the Greatest Players Your Hands Controlled

Article By on 18th May, 2010

... what will be yet another brutal trip across the country one way or another, and I cam across my old Nintendo. It was still in the box, it still works as far as I know, and it had a shoebox of games next to it. However this was not my original Nintendo, I had bought this one on Ebay a few years back, and the original one I had sold along with all the games back when I was in college. In going through these games I currently have, I noticed I had the original Tecmo BOwl, but not Tecmo Super Bowl, and it got me thinking.... Was Tecmo Super Bowl not the greatest football video game during its time? I mean, you had all the teams, almost all the actual players, and you could play the entire 1991 schedule. Fantastic for a 10 year old boy at that time ...

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