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Stop Flogging Michael Vick

Article By on 22nd July, 2009

... Vick has served nearly two years of time in a federal penitentiary and seen his personal assets liquidated. He’s served his sentence, and now he’s made a person to The HSUS to involve him in anti-dogfighting and anti-cruelty efforts. Will we continue to flog Michael Vick indefinitely, or will we take advantage of his expressed desire to do better, to be an agent of change for animals?" –Wayne Parcell, CEO, Humane Society

If The Humane Society's chief executive officer can forgive Michael Vick, so should the rest of us.

Then again, who are we to do the forgiving? Are we not sinners ourselves?

"We at The HSUS are about change, even the hard cases," Parcell stated on his Humane Society Web site. "Sitti...

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